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"Killing Buddha" in Santa Fe in September

From the website of Santa Fe's Teatro Paraguas:

September 8-10

Teatro Paraguas is proud to host Theatre Dojo, a touring "raw theatre" company based in southern New Mexico... to present their award-winning original play with music, Killing Buddha, written by actor and director Algernon D'Ammassa with music by Randy Granger of Las Cruces, NM. The play premiered at the Great Salt Lake Fringe Festival in Salt Lake City, Utah, in 2015, where it was awarded the "Fringe Pick" festival prize, and has toured several cities and states since then, picking up an "Outstanding Storytelling" award at the San Diego International Fringe Festival.

D'Ammassa and Granger play mysterious, homeless storytellers who create an ancient landscape for the audience using storytelling, a few simple props, and improvised musical accompaniment on a variety of musical instruments. The storytellers take ancient legends and relate them to the modern world, making reference to contemporary issues and themes. Portions of the play are improvised and during a trial scene the audience is invited to comment on the case. Theatre Dojo has brought their unique performing style to cities throughout New Mexico, Texas, Arizona, and North Carolina.

Killing Buddha is based on a legend in which the historical Buddha encounters a serial killer in search of atonement. D'Ammassa explains, "Killing Buddha picks up on the theme of rage and violence, and finds its way to a story to about redemption and transformation." Although the story contains serious themes, the content is suitable for families. The play includes improvised music and music composed by multi-instrumentalist Randy Granger for a variety of flutes, stringed instruments, and percussion, including found objects such as buckets, wine bottles, and plastic water jugs.

Asked about his process, Granger explains, "I try to create a sonic landscape or soundtrack in the moment. By using various flutes, percussion, voice or cigar box slide guitar I add some space, tension, release or whatever compliments the dialogue or poem"

Algernon D’Ammassa is a theatrical actor who has also appeared on film and television. He trained professionally at the Trinity Repertory Company in Providence, Rhode Island and has traveled all over the United States and to Europe as a performer and teacher. In 2006, he founded Theatre Dojo in Los Angeles, California as a multi-disciplinary community combining yoga, meditation, and martial arts with the performing arts.

Randy Granger is a native New Mexican of indigenous ancestry. He is a master of various instruments, combining Native American flute with musical traditions encompassing rock, jazz, mariachi, and more. Based in Las Cruces, he tours the United States as a solo musician and teacher.

For reservations and ticket info, call 505-424-1601.

The theatre is located at 3205 Calle Marie in Santa Fe.

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