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In Japanese, the word for 'stage' literally means 'body of dancing.' The empty space is the body, and actors are waves on its surface. The theatre space serves as a clear mirror on which a story or other expression is realized, in hopes of raising creative awareness in engaged spectators and actors alike.


Theatre Dojo began in 2006 as a teaching project in Los Angeles and Las Cruces, New Mexico. Our workshops explore intersections of actor training, theatre practice, meditation and yoga practice, as well as tai chi and aikido. Beginning 2014, Theatre Dojo focused on portable theatrical productions dedicated to raw theatre, storytelling, and music, drawing inspiration from ancient Greek theatre, Brechtian theory, and the "Trinity style" pioneered by director Adrian Hall at Trinity Rep (where Algernon D'Ammassa trained and performed).

In 2014, Algernon D'Ammassa and multi-instrumentalist Randy Granger began touring the Obie-award winning play An Iliad by Lisa Peterson and Denis O'Hare. In 2015, they premiered an original play, Killing Buddha, at the Great Salt Lake Fringe Festival in Salt Lake City, where they were awarded the "Fringe Pick" prize. It was also awarded an "Outstanding Storytelling" prize at the 2016 San Diego International Fringe Festival. Granger and D'Ammassa premiered a third piece for storytelling and music, Songs of Un-Creation, at the Great Salt Lake Fringe in 2016, and have since performed it in New Mexico.


Like the storytellers personified by Randy and Algernon, Theatre Dojo does not have a permanent home. We have performed in black box theatres, churches, taverns, loading docks, and a 1,000 seat outdoor stadium. If you are interested in an appearance and/or a workshop near you, contact us.


Artistic Director

Actor and Playwright


Composer, Musician


Composer, Musician


Actor, Choreographer

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