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SONGS OF UN-CREATION in Mesilla June 29

In addition to our performances of An Iliad and Killing Buddha at the Doña Ana Arts Council next month, our friends will host the New Mexico premiere of Songs of Un-Creation, a piece Randy and Algernon have been working on for a while.

We play the same storytellers, but this time instead of one, long narrative, the show assembles lore about the earth's creation and natural systems from around the world in a meditation on creation, humankind's impact on the earth, and the nature of myth itself.

We premiered an early version of this ambitious piece in Salt Lake City in 2016, where it was well received at the second Great Salt Lake Fringe Festival. From there, we intended to re-work it for a New Mexico premiere, but with touring schedules and other commitments, it did not come together. In 2017 we performed a small excerpt in Las Cruces at a Randy Granger concert, but that was it.

On June 29, we will finally premiere a revised and extended Songs of Un-Creation at the Doña Ana Arts Cultural Center at 1740 Calle de Merca in Mesilla. We have also committed to a performance in Tucson in January, and hopefully between these engagements we will have many more opportunities to sing these songs.

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