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Killing Buddha in Tucson

For starters, we apologize that this space has not been updated in a while.

Randy and Algernon have both been caught up with Randy's touring schedule and Algernon's new job as a newspaper reporter in New Mexico. Since our Santa Fe appearance in September, both men's lives have been moving at a frantic pace and not seeing each other often enough.

Bringing KILLING BUDDHA to Tucson, and reuniting with our friends at Abounding Grace church where we performed AN ILIAD a few years ago, rejuvenated us. We agreed to bring SONGS OF UN-CREATION (which we are reworking) there in 2019. We certainly plan on having some events during 2018 as well - including workshops, a reworked SONGS, and perhaps a new work by 2019.

It is such a gift when people talk during the trial scene in KILLING BUDDHA. Two pastors rose, and people were unafraid to explore arguments on opposing sides of the question that faced Pasenadi at the trial of Angulimala.

When we met up at an In 'n' Out Burger in Tucson on Saturday, Randy said, "We're becoming our characters. We meet up once every thousand years and tell a story." Yet when we walked in to the space and began warming up, it felt like coming home.

Here's to many more homecomings, and we hope to see you there.

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